My 21st Century Classroom

1. Welcome: 

My name is Hope Stegkamper and I am a sophomore at Edinboro University.  In Sedu 183, my classmates and I have been asked to write about our future as learners and as teachers.  As I continue working on my Bachelors degree at Edinboro University, I plan on learning how to become a successful resource for my students.  As a future teacher, I plan on teaching and coaching basketball in my hometown, which is in Greenville, Pa.  I want to be a positive input in my student's life. I want to watch my students grow into successful individuals.

Please take the time to watch my video, "I Believe."  It shares my influences on why I became a teacher.


2. My Classroom:
  I am always willing to help my students ("Teaching Resources").

My classroom in located in Greenville, Pa in a small school called Reynolds Jr. Sr. High school.  My classroom is a kindergarten classroom with 24 students. There are fourteen boys and ten girls.  Four students, three boys and one girl, are African American.  The remaining students are from a white ethnicity.  A few students in my classroom have learning disabilities which include, speech impediments, learning disabilities, and one hearing impaired student. Half of my students are on reduced lunches and struggle coming to class everyday because their family life at home has impacted their attendance in my classroom.

My classroom is very organized.  Having an organized classroom has many benefits.  It helps students stay on track and keeps them focused ("Post Tag ' classroom management").  There is a quiet center, computer center, and free- time center available for my students throughout the day.  Each center in my classroom is labeled in order for students to easily get around.  Based on students behavior determines the amount of time they receive at each center. Every center in my classroom benefits each student in many ways.  The quiet center allows the students the chance to work on homework, read, and relax. The computer center allows the students to do computer needed assignments and review lesson plans. The free-time center allows students the chance to interact with their peers, watch education movies, and play games.

My classroom is set up with six tables with four chairs at each table. The reason I have four chairs to each table is so the students can interact with their peers and use their social skills to learn from each other.  Having the students four to each table allows me to be able to keep an eye on all of my students making sure they are paying attention. On each table, students can easily access their learning material for each lesson. When in need of lap tops students can easily access lap tops from the cart.  Allowing materials easily for my students to access decreases the chance of behavior problems occurring ("Post Tag ' classroom management").
At the front of my room I have a smart board. While teaching the students gather around the circle rug to listen to the lesson.  Having the students close to me while teaching allows me to get their attention.  Also, instead of having the students sit in a seat all day, this allows them the chance to move around.  While students are working on an assignment, I individually pull students aside to work one on one with them making sure they are comprehending what has been taught to them.
On the right side of the classroom each student has access to their own locker which they can store their belongings in.  Also, there is a bathroom in which the students can use throughout the day instead of interrupting class to take the whole class to the restroom.

Throughout the day if a student's parent has an interest on what their child is learning they have the opportunity to contact me through email, telephone, or visit the classroom for the day. Parent's are welcome to volunteer to interact and help their child as well as the other students succeed.

My students have access to many types of technology based learning, however that is not all that is offered in my classroom.  My students have the chance to do a lot of hands on activities which gives them the chance to visually interact with what they are learning.  I believe having students learn through different resources will help prepare them for the "real world."  Research has proven that the best way for kids' brains to stay engaged is to have them use their hands (Cleaver).
                                                   Hands on activities for students "WHY TEACH HANDS-ON?".

I will be  teaching my students through the use of computers ("Image envision").
Technology is a very useful in helping students succeed. Technology helps all types of students whether they are disabled or not.  Research has concluded that technology has improved students writing.  By the use of technology, drop out rates for individuals have decreased. Students are more engaged in the assignments at school and can work more independently while learning (Rodgers).
There are many ways in which technology is used throughout my classroom. Each student in my classroom has access to a laptop.  Having access to laptops allows the students to access the Internet and find information by themselves. Also, in my classroom there is a smart board. The smart board allows me to interact with my students in an easy way.  The students can visually see what I am teaching them such as on a power point.  Another way I use technology to interact with my students is through the Internet.  An online social network called Facebook allows me to post my lesson plans for my students to review. Myself as well as my students can connect with others around the world to get their input on education for Facebook or another useful social network, twitter.  Also, the students have access to the television.  On the television the students can watch educational videos and play education games.  After watching videos playing educational games students can collaborate with their peers based on what they learned. 

3. Assistive Technology:

This is Jennie. Jennie is a kindergarten student in my classroom.  Jennie has blonde hair and blue eyes.  Jennie has some special needs that cause her to struggle more then her peers in her classroom.  Jennie is deaf and has speech impediments.  In class, Jennie sits close to the front of the classroom in order to hear better.  She wears hearing aids, but due to her family life at home she sometimes forgets them.  Since Jennie at times is unable to have her hearing aids in class I make sure everything that is said in my lesson is written down in order for her to comprehend what is being taught.  In class, Jennie is able to use headphones that our school has provided for her to work on the computer and be able to hear her assignments.  During free time, I work with Jennie with a voice recorder to improve her speech impediments. Since the beginning of the year Jennie has improved tremendously. With the technology available to her she has been able to hear better which in return improves her grades (Gavigan).

4. Feedback:

5. Annotated Bibliography 
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6. Self-Reflection:

I have learned a lot while working on my final for SEDU 183. I have learned how I want my classroom set up in order for my students to feel comfortable and be able to learn. I have taken many risks while designing my classroom and incorporating technology into my classroom. I have designed my classroom in order for my students to feel comfortable, however I don't want them to feel as if they slack off. I incorporated technology into my classroom such as computers, however I still have hands-own activities for the students to learn from also such as books and board games. I know that when I become a teacher I am going to do whatever it takes in order for my students to succeed. I want my students to learn , however in an interesting way decreasing the chances of them to become uninterested and bored. I am looking forward to become a successful teacher as I said in my , "This I Believe " video. I want to want to be their for my students. By being a teacher and a  basketball coach I will be interacting with my students in many ways learning how they learn best and being able to incorporated that into the classroom.

This is me coaching basketball.

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